Powerful, German engineered, and durable

If you’re looking to hook up a SEBO power head to a central vacuum system, look no further. Both our kits include a wide range of tools that ensure the most powerful clean possible. German engineered, reliable, and durable, these kits are guaranteed to provide years of top-quality service.

Goes the extra mile

Our hoses go up to 35 feet, giving you all the length you need to get the job done. Move from room to room without having to worry. Our extra-long hoses give you the freedom to clean every last inch of your home.

Powerful performance with exceptional tools

Both kits are built to incredible standards, and the SEBO ET power heads give you the extra oomph that will leave your home completely dust-free. Equipped with an impressive array of tools, each kit is designed to get into every last crevice and leave floors spotless.

No more tangles

Anyone with a central vacuum knows how easy it is for the cord to end up in knots. We’ve eliminated this annoyance in both our kits by integrating cord management in the design so you can clean without having to waste time untangling.

Sebo Standard Central Vacuum Kit

The standard kit comes with a white ET-1 F2 power head with wands that keep the cord tangle-free. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Equipped with either a 30 or 35-foot hose, it’s excellent at covering a lot of ground. Dusting brushes, crevice tools, and telescopic wands are all included. To see all the features of this kit, click here.

Sebo Premium Central Vacuum Kit

The premium kit comes with your choice between the 12-inch ET-1 or a 15-inch ET-2 power heads. The hose length is also available at both 30 feet and 35 feet, so you can pick the length that best suits your home. Jam-packed with premium dusting brushes, crevice tools, and a telescopic wand, you can see all the features if you click here.